Spring Break



I think I’ve become spoiled by the overabundance of glitter in the indie polishes I’ve been buying.  I never saw a swatch of the gold glitter but the bottle looked promising enough. Wet n Wild 18K Gold is one of those polishes you have to fish around for the glitter & then try to place it. Not my favorite.


Jesse’s Girl – Spring Break

Wet n Wild – 18K Gold


Candy Crush


High score 6-3-13!  Time to clear the jelly! Based on the app Candy Crush, it’s free and addictive.  I made:  the scoreboard, glitter nail, path to the next level, magic red bean & orange candy, and that crying heart because there are no lives left, oh I don’t like him.  No, I”m purchase more lives, Heart, I’ll paint my nails while waiting! 😀

Polishes used:

Zoya: Rocky, Snow White, Raven, Jo, Arizona, Shelby

Barielle: Ballroom Dancer, Kisses & Hugs

Jessie’s Girl – Midori

Sparitual: Driftwood, Poppy

China Glaze – Matte Magic

Wet n Wild – Clear

Hit Polish – Gemtastic



Easy Going Glee


Out in my rose garden, Glee by Jesse’s girl & photographed with, Easy Going (the rose).


At Rite Aid today I picked up 5 polishes by Jessie’s Girl, Glee is one of them.  Rite Aid has a spend $30 on nail polish promo get $10 store credit so, I spent the last of my money on this brand to get my reward.  I’ve never owned anything by this brand before but have seen it recommended on blogs, it’s fantastic.  I’m a sucker for teal or turquoise polishes.




Lastly, I added a light coat of glitter:  Clown Puke by KB Shimmer