The Parrot Ate My Homework




Ever wonder what it would look like if a large parrot took a bite of your nail art?  I didn’t either however, my Cockatoo answered it for me anyhow.

Here she is…




She is not biting me but is fascinated with my nails.  I’ve been trying to keep them unpainted which helps quite a bit or paint and then remove it immediately. I don’t think gloves are the answer.  I can’t be the only one having these issues.

I don’t want to give up my hobby.  Anyone have any useful tips for distracting parrots from fingernails?


24 thoughts on “The Parrot Ate My Homework

  1. Aww, that’s so sad for your poor nail! Maybe you should do a caviar mani with millet seed and really let her go to town on them? J/K, I’m sure that’s a horrible idea from a training point of view 🙂

  2. That’s crazy! I don’t know anything about birds, but you can buy stuff that helps kids not bite their nails / suck their thumbs. I think it’s just supposed to taste really bad. Maybe that would help?

  3. Maybe she thinks she is doing you a favour? helping you trim your claws like another parrot??
    Can you give her more stuff you bite on like hard nuts so she is getting plenty of other opportunities to nibble?
    Anyway, that sucks 😦 she is a cutie too.

    • You hit the nail on the head! Preening is absolutely an issue. My friend was over recently with unpolished nails and my Cockatoo took a huge chunk of her nail off too. Long fingernails must look unsightly to this bird. She has a slew of toys. I’ve even drilled holes through hard unshelled nuts and strung them on 16 gauge wire. Making parrot toys is now a new, mandatory hobby. Thanks for all your suggestions! 🙂

  4. I LOVE cockatoos. They’re my fav bird. We have a few parrots and none of them are interested in nails unless I have on something sparkly. Just gently tap her beak and firmly say no. That’s what I do when Radox is being cheeky

  5. oh no, your poor nail!
    I have no idea how to train cockatiels, but my cat sometimes runs off with bottles of nail polish (especially when he’s hungry…) – sometimes animals are such a pain…

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