Psychedelic Calico Color Kitty




This kitty came home during a visit to the Hemingway House in Key West, Florida.  The Author, Ernest Hemingway, owned polydactyl cats and 40 or so of their feline decedents still live there.  The cats are all over the property, it’s like an Easter egg hunt finding them lounging about. Check out their website if you’re not familiar and fond of cats.


I had a blast doing this as I’m such a fan of color.  At some point I’ll likely mimic the paint on the other side too.

Polishes used:

Zoya: Julie, Wednesday, Rocky, Pippa

China Glaze: Grape Pop

Wet n Wild: Sunny Side Up, Red Red, Clear

e.l.f.: Yellow, Teal Blue (they need to increase their font size)

Jesse’s Girl:  Spring Break, Frequent Flyer

Color Club: Pucci-licious

Sally Hansen: Limestone


11 thoughts on “Psychedelic Calico Color Kitty

    • Thanks. From base coat to topcoat 2 hours. Worst part was waiting for my glue base coat to dry, I had the hairdryer out to accelerate the process. As for the kitty, I know from your blog you don’t fly but it’s a fun road trip to the Keys. 🙂

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