Easy Going Glee


Out in my rose garden, Glee by Jesse’s girl & photographed with, Easy Going (the rose).


At Rite Aid today I picked up 5 polishes by Jessie’s Girl, Glee is one of them.  Rite Aid has a spend $30 on nail polish promo get $10 store credit so, I spent the last of my money on this brand to get my reward.  I’ve never owned anything by this brand before but have seen it recommended on blogs, it’s fantastic.  I’m a sucker for teal or turquoise polishes.




Lastly, I added a light coat of glitter:  Clown Puke by KB Shimmer






12 thoughts on “Easy Going Glee

  1. Oh my. I could spend $30 on nail polish in a heartbeat. Now, whether or not I SHOULD spend $30 on nail polish is a different story! The turquoise looks awesome on you!

  2. First off beautiful rose!
    Second off the polish is gorgeous~!
    Such a lovely shimmer to it 🙂 Must add to my list of polishes to get when I cross the border xD

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